Happy New (Fiscal) Year!

The new year is here for the federal government with another $500b in discretionary spending. How do you make sure you get your piece of the pie? This is what we advise our clients to do:

1. Inform yourself with objective market data: which agencies will be buying what you sell, how will they buy it and from whom are they currently buying?

2. Develop a decision matrix and prioritize your targets.

3. Devise and execute specific strategies that leverage your strengths and those of your teaming partners.

4. Articulate your value proposition.

5. Build solid infrastructure upon which to grow: good people, efficient systems, repeatable processes.

6. Evaluate and pivot if necessary.

Piece of cake, right? Easy to say, difficult to do. But with help, smart planning and collaboration, small businesses grow and prosper in the highly regulated but opportunity rich federal marketplace.

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