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How to Win Federal Contracts in 2025 - 2027

Updated: Jun 18

In the summer, most GovCons are focused on fiscal year end activities: responding to solicitations from agencies trying to encumber funds before September 30, or discussing plus-ups to existing contracts for the same reason. These are all critically important. However, smart GovCon BD professionals know they must also keep other plates spinning. One of those plates is positioning the company strategically for opportunities over the next 3 years.

Federal budgets for FY 2025 have already been submitted. In some agencies, preliminary budgets for 2026 - 2027 have also been developed. Strategic plans have been made public. The OMB, the GAO and NIST have published reports on federal priorities, threats and policies. And although FY 2025 procurement forecasts have not been posted (they normally come out between November and February), agencies have already begun to telegraph their needs and acquisition strategies (contract vehicles they will use, setaside priorities etc.), and the formation of major new programs for the next few years.

Carefully and thoroughly analyzing this public data, determining your "fit", developing positioning strategies and having meaningful conversations with target agencies and key partners, should begin this summer.

The biggest mistake I see small businesses make is waiting too late to jump into the fray.

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