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My Top 10 Wishes for 2022

In addition to the end of the pandemic, I am hoping for the following in 2022:

  1. That federal procurement data including solicitation information on GWAC's and IDIQ's - even if you are not a contract holder - is made public. Small businesses especially, are prevented access to this critical market intelligence.

  2. That federal business development rises to the level of a truly respected profession. For this to be possible, an independent industry certification and training program is needed.

  3. That more young people join the exciting, lucrative federal business development profession.

  4. That solving the nation's cybersecurity crisis represents an opportunity for small contractors rather than the administrative and financial burden it currently is.

  5. That industry liaisons are empowered to do the job envisioned in 2019: shepherd small innovative companies into the offices of program decision makers.

  6. That the percentage of federal spending allocated to small businesses is officially increased above the current 23% threshold.

  7. That attainment of socioeconomic procurement goals (WOSB, 8a, Hub Zone, SDVOSB) for all agencies is enforced, with penalties for non-compliance.

  8. That contract offices conduct thorough, objective, helpful de-briefs to small businesses whose proposals did not win.

  9. That more small businesses form teams among one another to pursue large profitable contracts.

  10. That more innovation driven companies enter the complex, highly regulated but lucrative federal marketplace. Your country needs you.

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