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One of the Hardest Decisions You'll Make

At some point in your company's lifecycle, you will need to hire others to perform business development for your company. You can no longer do EVERYTHING. And, business development in the federal marketplace is particularly challenging: long sales cycles, relationship heavy, hyper competitive, opaque and highly regulated. Commercial sales success is NOT a prologue to success in the federal marketplace. The costliest mistake I see CEO's make is to hire a very experienced federal sales executive, then cut them lose to "bring in new business". The CEO sits back and wrings their hands, hoping that their big bet will pay off. A year later the salesperson is fired. The remedy is to put the power back in the hands of the company which I talk about frequently, by developing a BD Playbook. click on "Webinars on Demand". I also saw this great articles on the mistakes firms make when hiring:

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