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Let's Rock the 20's!

Recent advances in technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, cloud computing and cybersecurity have positioned many small contractors to make a significant difference in federal government efficiency and mission achievement in the coming decade. Already, small businesses are able to develop and apply innovative technologies to help detect insider trading and money laundering, identify behavioral patterns of would-be terrorists, thwart cyber attacks on our nation's energy infrastructure and keep our troops mobile and safe. The competitive advantage that small contractors have is their willingness and ability to think creatively, learn quickly and take measured risks to help their government clients leverage newer technologies to better serve the American people. These technologies don't replace government employees, they free them up to perform tasks that only humans can perform: strategy development, analysis and smart decision making. Small, innovative government contractors are catalysts that play a critical role in the massive, bureaucratic federal procurement ecosystem. My resolution for 2020 and beyond is to encourage and help promising small businesses crack open the doors of government, question everything, pilot new technologies and approaches, and move the needle. Our society, economy and future depend on it.

Kids rocking technology

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