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I am compelled today to talk about integrity. The national news is abuzz with discussions and opinions about salacious behavior of politicians and other people of power. But my thoughts are about the behavior of regular people in the business world - people we work with on a daily basis: bosses, peers, subordinates, vendors, customers. We have opportunities every day to be truthful, honest and reliable - or not. I am not talking about the big crimes of theft, harassment or abuse. I am talking about saying that you are going to accept responsibility for making a deadline and don't. Committing to following up on a matter that needs to be resolved and don’t. Promising a raise, then don’t. Promising to pay on time, and don’t.

I don’t buy the excuse “I forgot” or “I’m busy”. It’s our responsibility to remember. Everybody is busy.

The business world runs on trust. We can’t paper every thought, every understanding, every commitment. Relying on each other’s words still counts. And communicating honestly and thoroughly is our responsibility. Responding to emails in a timely manner, correcting misunderstandings and picking up the phone to have a conversation are still important business practices.

People who think they can get away with fudging these fundamental business principles are wrong and they have the reputations to prove it.

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